Post-Endeavor Ponderings

How do you measure success? The forum has come and gone, and I’ve since considered what it takes to declare that the event went well.

By the most traditional measure, number of people in attendance, we had decent results. There were perhaps 50 people including those affiliated with Derechos Humanos or speaking in the program. I was disappointed at the time, because our advertising efforts were enough to attract many more. The room looked rather empty, since we had enough space, as well as food, programs, booklets, and information, for at least a hundred. But hey, that also means we were well prepared.

I could also measure success by the quality of the program. The content of the presentations included many of the main points pertinent to tenants’ rights and tips for renting. We had a diverse range of expertise represented, and most of the presentation was available in both Spanish and English thanks to two great interpreters. We also offered free food, water, child care, and the extensive booklets which we created this month. By this measure, we did quite well.

But as I alluded in my last post, the measure of success which appeals most to me is the community impact. The people who attended seemed quite grateful for the info, and judging by some questions asked, there certainly are grave housing issues to be rectified in this community. What’s more, the advertising efforts for the event reached thousands of people who may have been previously unaware of our organization’s work on their behalf. Indeed, we even had phone calls from people in Phoenix asking about the forum after seeing one of our interns make an announcement on TV.

Yet, community impact also includes the effects on the people who produced the event. My efforts helped build the relationship between Derechos Humanos and the offices of the forum speakers, hopefully augmenting our organization’s future work. The forum also provided an opportunity for many regular volunteers/staff of Derechos Humanos to come together without the stress of being responsible for an entire event.

I’m grateful that our work here this summer has borne fruit, and I will miss the rapid pulse of the office and the dedicated people within.


~ by Jonathan Amgott on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Post-Endeavor Ponderings”

  1. great work Jonathan. we are proud and impressed with your work!Grandma &Granpa

  2. I second the above! Miss you, and proud of what you have done!

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