Program Description

Immigration is perhaps the single largest domestic challenge facing the both the U.S. and Mexico today. People die nearly every week on the border. Hostilities against immigrants in the U.S. are mounting, with numerous examples here in North Carolina. Local, state, and international relations are strained.

This program, through which we spend 8 weeks in the Tucson area partnered with No Mas Muertes, Southside Day Labor Camp and Derechos Humanos, provides the opportunity to become informed about issues related to the border, including themes of security, human rights, domestic and foreign policy, and comprehensive immigration reform. Our experiences and delegations will be closely tied to the work of BorderLinks, a bi-national organization with a 20+ year history of providing experiential education opportunities that raise awareness and inspire action around global political economics.

Opportunities for our volunteering will range from organizing “know your rights” clinics, to teaching English, to assisting with social service and research projects, to providing emergency first aid in the desert. This program can open the window for us to pursue other scholarly projects such as documentary projects, exhibits, and independent studies upon returning to Duke University.

We hope that you enjoy taking a look at our various correspondents’ blogs about their experiences and photographs of their adventures. Feel free to comment on anything you feel or share your thoughts about the impact of the program we are participating in.

Duke Engage Tucson- Encuentros de la Frontera

**Photographs for the header were taken by students from DE Tucson 2008 and the program description is provided by the DE website: dukeengage.duke.edu.